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Alternative assessment in letter to teacher format
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In order to explore student learning, but also to hold students accountable for material during the unit, try a crafted letter to the teacher with specifics you would require to show learning.  In our 6th grade science life skills unit, I crafted the directions for the letter shown below.  In a follow up google forms, students were asked about the format.  The strong majority of the students preferred the letter format to a traditional assessment;  they described the "freedom" to show what they knew, and the effort to write the letter helped them connect the material to their own lives.  While student satisfaction was high, I found the attention to detail lacking. With practice, I belive the skill to fully express learning would develop. In this particular unit, I had quite a few amazingly personal connections shared.   Have fun tailoring this to your class.Directions:  Using your notes and what we have discussed in class, write a personal letter to your teacher to explain what you have learned in this unit and how it has affected you.  You must address the following:How you see yourself (what is your self image).  Why do you see yourself that way.   What will you (yourself) do to keep a healthy self-image--give specific examples.How does the 3 C decision making process work for you?Give an example of how you can see yourself using it--think creatively.  What is a problem that you will likely have to face in the next year.  Clarify it, show me the “consider” process, and tell me what you will choose.When you think about being assertive with your friends, how do you think you are doing?  Give me an example of a time when you were not assertive or were too aggressive.  Explain to me what was going on.  Next tell me a better, assertive way to handle the situationTell me what you have learned about smoking and vaping.  What were you surprised to learn?What are some of the most compelling reasons you found to not smoke.Tell me what you have learned about alcohol.What were you surprised to learn?Tell me what you will remember from this unit that will help you when you are first faced with the decision about whether or not to drink alcohol at a party.  Outline with facts and details to add to letter:

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